Playtime is over!


9A2078DC-5702-4099-8B25-23B0D482E351.JPGThe time has come for me to officially step in my role as a doctor. I’m now someone’s PCP (primary care provider). I’m now the one who’s name is attached to the patient when they’re admitted to my service in the hospital. Shoot, I could get sued! This is real life. But I’m ready for it! However I’m also ready for all of the supervision that I will have as a resident so that I hopefully won’t make any major mistakes. Check out my video from my second week of orientation. We covered a lot of information in these past 2 weeks, alot of which is actually important. But I can’t keep all that in my head so I just made a file of all the papers and stuff.

As for me, I’m actually feeling pretty pumped about starting intern year. Not because I know I’m gonna kill it, but because I’m excited to stretch myself and learn as much as possible. I can’t wait to take care of people and actually be the one taking care of them instead of the med student just following along. I’m also weirdly looking forward to seeing the personalities of the different kinds of people I’ll be working with. This will be my first time in the real “work force” and it’ll be interesting to see the dynamics of the different teams. So yeah, the nerves have pretty much gone away, and I just feel at peace. I know that I’m going to give 110% and there’s not much else I can ask of myself. The hardest part will be conquering this new balancing act and not letting residency define my entire life. It’ll be tough, but I’m up for the challenge.

Wish me luck!! Time to get to work!



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