Oh you’re a doctor, doctor!?


It’s been a week and I still hesitate to introduce myself at Dr. Okoye. I quickly realized the weight held by that prefix and I am definitely not equipped to handle it at the moment. My first week of residency wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be! I guess I was mentally prepared for the worst possible thing and so it actually turned out better than my expectations. I work with a team of attendings and advance care practitioners (NPs, PAs). I’m the only resident, and there is a 4th year medical student on the team as well. I love it because we’re very efficient and I get a level of teaching that is essentially one-on-one. There’s also no risk of falling into the comparison trap that would inevitably happen if I was working with other interns. The bad thing about this rotation is the call schedule. I’m on Q2 call, which means every other day I have to be in the hospital until 7:30pm taking admissions. That is going to get really old really fast.

As you’ll see in my video, things really start off easy and smooth, which I appreciated because my first day was a logistical hot mess. It took me 20 mins to find anything, I left all my snacks and water bottle in this other room that I wasn’t able to access until later in the day, and I just kept getting lost! It looked really bad because I was wearing my white coat, so I looked like I should it all together, but instead I was walking past the same people 3 times before I would find my way. So, I was so thankful to only have a couple patients to see that morning because I used so much time just getting my bearings.

Now, I’m fully in the swing of things. I finished out the week with 5 patients, and I expect I’ll have about that same amount of patients or more for the majority of my time on the rotation. I pretty much have my workflow down, though I still sometimes cut it close because you can’t predict how long you’re going to spend in a patients room. I’m too nice to just walk out of the room while family members are talking. My strategy is just to minimize the time I spend in the patient’s chart and maximize my time in the room. I’m their primary doctor while they’re in the hospital, so I want to them to feel as such.

Not going to lie, I’m liking pediatrics way more than I thought I would. I hope I continue to feel like this for the next 3.5 weeks! This weekend is my only golden weekend (Sat & Sun off) for the entire rotation. From here on out it’s just one day off a week, so I’m really going to have to make my off days count! Looking forward to another challenging but educational week. My goal is to get my confidence up and shake off this imposter syndrome!

Have a great week 🙂


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