Three down, one to go!

So two days ago I finished my third year of medical school and became a 4th year. I can’t say I really feel that much different. One thing I do feel is G R A T E F U L. I never take my position in life for granted and I thank God every morning that he not only selected me for this path, but also gave me the tools I need to succeed on the journey. Medical school is hard. It’s a challenge unlike any other. And speaking truthfully, most of the battle is mental. Mental stamina and toughness. You have to have the ability to shine your own light in the darkness and speak positivity over yourself when all you feel is negativity. I’m thankful for the ability to do that because not every student can. But it’s so hard to do every single day and that’s what makes this process so mentally exhausting.

People always tell me that I make medical school look easy and I just laugh and think “if you only knew.” I want to be an inspiration to people so they realize that they can follow this path too, so I do my best to shine a positive light in my posts and story telling. If I talked about my constant headaches, physical exhaustion, fluctuations in weight, etc. medical school wouldn’t be as appealing haha. The third year of medical school has been a roller coaster and I’m happy to say I made it out with only a few bruises. I was also able to make it to just about all the important functions I wanted to–birthdays, weddings, girls trips. It was a great year in hindsight. Many memorable patient encounters and SO much information learned–a little too much information.

If you’re planning on going into medicine, or will soon be starting your clinical years, buckle up. It is a bumpy journey but there are beautiful pit stops along the way. I’m so excited about the start of my fourth year tomorrow with inpatient family medicine. I can’t wait to meet my team (and rub elbows with the attendings of course) and the patients I’ll be taking care of. Most importantly, I’m happy that I don’t have a shelf exam to take afterwards! I can just be all in 100% and not have to worry about studying when I get home. Hopefully I’ll maintain this same energy throughout the four weeks! Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful week 🙂
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