10 funny/relatable med school memes

For your enjoyment pleasure!

Med school professor claimed that the exam will look just like what was covered in lecture. The lie detector determined that was a lie.
All first and second year!!
And Then I Said: The tests will look just like what we've covered in lecture!
Reality: what our professors do after class is out lol
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Who else became a hypochondriac?? I have a problem list of ~5 right now!
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Constantly feeling like there’s no days off! Or you’ll get….behind smh
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Aw man this was so me during pharmacology during second year
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My worst nightmare when I’ve planned a whole study day.
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Once I’m in the the night that’s IT! Not going anywhere. I’m such a home body now!
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BRUH. This is the truth.
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You’ll be so awake all day, then when it’s time to study you just pass out in 5 minutes!
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Trying to save face while you’ve been in a patient room for 20 mins and they’re telling you about their kids accomplishments…


Hope y’all can relate to some of these as much as I can! And hopefully this was a good study break for my fellow students on the grind out there. Enjoy your week!

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