Roomie Love

When I finally made the decision of what medical school I was going to, I was so excited. I started thinking “Where am I going to live?” Immediately, the next question hit me like a wall: “Oh man, who am I going to live with?” This isn’t a decision I wanted to make lightly. I wanted someone serious, but not too stiff. I wanted to blast music and have dance parties at night, and then study all the next morning. I wanted someone African because I love African music, movies, and of course accents, and I wanted to share that. Above all, she needed to love God. I just needed someone I could be myself with, just like in undergrad. How was I supposed to find that? There were lots of people on our Facebook page that were posting about wanting roommates. But I didn’t know any of them well enough and wasn’t willing to just step out on faith. I went ahead and settled within myself that I’d be living alone.

Maybe a month or two later, I was routinely scrolling through our class Facebook page and I came across a post from this girl. The first thing I noticed was her name, duh. But it was a Nigerian name and I thought “oh, cool another Nigerian! I’ll actually read this one.” Low and behold she was looking for a roommate too (practically begging lol). I clicked her name and we had 50 mutual friends, but I had no idea who she was. After thorough background check, I hit her up to see if the offer was still on the table. Who knew that this seemingly random girl would become the yin to my yang.

It took a minute for us to really figure each other out, but once we did, there was no going back. We were meant for each other! It’s weird because we are different in so many ways, but at the core we are almost the same. I’m a pretty unemotional person, where her emotions are much more variable. I’m pretty oblivious to lots of things, where she is very aware of changes in people’s behavior. I have a terrible sense of direction, where she can drive somewhere once and know it (thank God). We both hate spending too much money. Our dating lives are essentially the same. Unfortunately though, we both lack common sense…me more than her. Our strengths and weaknesses balance each other out and together we’re a pretty awesome team. We work hard, play hard, and sleep hard (well, most times).

Proverbs 27:17 – “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

Trust me, not everyone’s stories are like ours, but as a general takeaway: it’s definitely important to know what you want in a roommate. There will be things you’re willing to compromise, and things that you are not. Learn those things and make sure you inquire well before committing yourself to another person for at least a year, because that’s basically what you’re doing. I know plenty of people who live alone and love it. There’s nothing wrong with that either! Especially if you have a significant other, that may be the way to go if you plan on having frequent visits. Just make sure you choose a safe place to live. But, finding a place to live is a whole ‘nother conversation.


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