STEP2 Studying: week 2 + mini vacay

This past week was a strong productive week I must say! My focus and critical thinking has improved. I’ve been doing better on my UWorld question sets as I’ve been learning/reviewing more. Every once in a while I’ll still choose an answer that 0% of people chose, which humbles me real quick. But I can say for now I feel like I’m on track. I studied at home for most of the week which has actually been fantastic because it’s so quiet with no distractions and my desk is right by my window so I get natural light. Best thing … Continue reading STEP2 Studying: week 2 + mini vacay

Learning things the hard way

I spent this weekend in Miami visiting my boyfriend. But the journey getting there was full of L’s (losses)! I felt like I just couldn’t catch a break. After a series of unfortunate events, I missed my original flight and spent the next few hours trecking all over the airport trying to find another flight out. My airline didn’t have any other flights for the night so I was checking with other airlines. I’ve never missed a flight before so I felt like such a failure, like really irresponsible. And of course I’m thinking about study time lost while I’m getting … Continue reading Learning things the hard way