Another year older, another year wiser?

IMG_5077.jpgA couple days ago I turned 26 years old, and I have to admit this is the first birthday I’ve had where I actually feel like I’m getting old. Like life is about to accelerate away from me. I don’t know if I’m just being overdramatic, but even when I look at pictures of myself from a year ago, I feel like I looked so much younger! Now I feel aged lol. I guess that’s what residency does to you.

As you know I’ve transitioned to a new city, which means celebrating my birthday for the first time in a new place. Prior to moving here (and anywhere for that matter), I was worried about meeting new people/making new friends. Having an August birthday, I always feel like I have to hurry up and meet people unless I won’t have anyone to celebrate with. Because I’ve been here since June, I’ve had enough time to get to know people–mainly other people who work in my hospital. For my birthday, I invited a group of people over my place for a game night. It was my first time hosting people, and it was so much fun! Everybody had a good time, and was a good sport with the different games. There was a ton of laughter, which is all I really need to have a good night. And I felt a lot of love from everyone there.

The night before my birthday, one of my best pals who I went to college with (and who happened to be in town for a rotation) came over my place with cake and chicken wings and sang me happy birthday, which was really heartwarming. I have the best friends! My parents also sent me a card, which arrived a couple days before by bday, but they said they didn’t want to risk it coming after the fact. All in all I felt loved and cared about, which are all the things you want to feel on a birthday.IMG_0713.jpg

I unfortunately had to work 5-10am Saturday and Sunday but after resting up I was still able to enjoy the weekend with friends. I got 3 dozen cookies for $3, went to an all-resident social event, and went to a brunch/day party. I even went to the gym once! It was a great weekend, but I’m just a little tired going into the week because I didn’t really get the full sleep I needed with those early morning shifts.

This new age is going to have to be spectacular if it’s going to beat 25. And judging by how intern year is going so far, it’s not going to come close. I’m honestly just trying to survive this year and make it to 27 alive and mentally sound. If I can throw in some cool experiences and memories, I’ll be golden. The theme of this year is simply Mastering my Craft. I’ve been given this amazing opportunity to bring healing to the sick in the world, and I just want to do that the best way I can, while still taking care of myself. Now I also want to save money, have my hair grow, and get clearer skin, among other things. But those are small things compared to the overarching theme of this year.



I hope you continue to follow along and grow with me!



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