That escalated quickly


Just as I was getting the ropes of pediatrics down, I was whisked away to the OBGYN department for my second rotation. I think my head is just now slowing down from all the spinning. It’s such a learning curve to get up to speed with the way they do things. Overall it’s just been exhausting with the early hours, but I have so much support from the residents and attending on the team, I’ve learned a ton, and everyday brings new adventures. It’s also great that I’m on the rotation with 2 of my family med co-interns. We get each other through the tough times. I must say though that a piece of me gets excited when patients have some other complaint outside of being pregnant. I’m missing the variety, although pregnant women keep you on your toes too! In my video I talk more about what my typical schedule looks like, and how I’m doing balancing life on top of it all. Check it out!

Have a wonderful week! 🙂



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