Med School vs Residency

There’s obviously major differences between being a med student and being a resident, but the transition itself isn’t really talked about that much! Seems like people just go to residency, disappear, and you just see them on social media from time to time. I decided to film a video about my transition thus far, or at least some it. If I talked about everything, we’d be here all day. It hasn’t been as terrible as I thought it would be, but it definitely has been challenging to step into the role of physician. The imposter syndrome still lingers. Even today I got a call from one of my nurses because my patient’s blood sugar was low and she wanted to know what I wanted to do. Of course I didn’t know! Seems to be quite the trend these days lol. I know the knowledge and confidence comes with time though–so they say–so I’m just waiting on that to pick up.

Another big part of the transition is the financial aspect. I’m going from getting a lump sum every semester (with student loans) to getting paid every 2 weeks. My whole financial system is different! And I’m basically starting from scratch because I started residency with pretty much nothing to my name. I got my first real pay check this past Friday and it was like the best day ever. But I have to be careful about spending because all of my bills are in autopay and I’m not trying to mess around and have my account overdraft. I need a little bit more of a cushion first. I like budgeting and managing my money though, so I’ll make sure I keep it together. I use the Mint app, which has been pretty good for me so far.

Anywho, I won’t go on and on. I need to get some sleep and you can just play the video. It’s just me talking so you can let it play in the background of whatever more important things you’re doing. I’d appreciate feedback on the videos as well, including stuff you want to see, I’m pretty open.

Also update: I saw my first patients in clinic today! I only saw 2 and at a point, it felt more hectic than being on inpatient (in the hospital). I definitely need to get my workflow together because I was overwhelmed! It’s tough as an intern because you only have clinic once a week so it’s hard to really get into the swing of things. I’ll do my best.

I hope you have a wonderful week!


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