Traveling Season

Happy Easter!

It’s true that in the 4th year of medical school, you have more free time than you’ll probably ever have again in your medical career, until you retire. And what better to do with all this time than to travel! It’s not uncommon during this time of year to see many of your medical student friends/classmates taking international trips and excursions to different parts of the world. We’ve worked hard all this while and now it’s time to enjoy life a little! Don’t be fooled, however–we’re all (well, many) still living in the financial red zone and pay for these trips with student loan money. Whether of not that’s a good idea is up to the individual. It’s definitely smarter than to pay for it with a credit card with triple the interest rates. Most of us come to a point in med school where we lose fear of our loans and just accepts them as a way of life, especially because we know we’ll work hard and pay them off in due time. So, what’s a couple more thousand dollars?

2 weeks ago, I spent the week in Houston, TX at my sister’s place. I went straight there from my Chicago trip that I talked about in my last post. I caught up with a bunch of friends and spent most of my time hanging out with my niece who’s now almost a year and half! My sister moved out to Houston as I was starting my 4th year of med school, so I don’t get to see her nearly as often, which made this trip really nice. I ate lots of good food too which is always a plus.

I’ve since moved out of my apartment in Augusta (moving is so exhausting!) and am back at my parent’s house outside of Atlanta. Now I’m gearing up for a trip to Spain/Greece with 5 of my close med school girlfriends. We leave tomorrow! It’s an 11 day trip to Seville, Barcelona, and Mykonos, plus one night in Athens, Greece before flying back home. I’m super excited! I’m also really proud of myself because I’m only packing a carry-on bag and a weekender bag. I’m a light packer in general though so I’m not surprised that I was able to accomplish this. I don’t wear a lot of make up either which also makes it easy to pack light. We have our whole itinerary figured out and everything is seemingly in place for us to live our best lives. I’ll try and record the high points and make another vlog!

When I get back from this trip it’ll be graduation week! Such an exciting time in life right now! A couple months from now when I’m an intern I’ll look back on these times and beg to be here again, so I’m going to soak it all up now for my future self.

Hope you had a blessed Easter! I’ll be back in a couple weeks!

SN: the SNMA AMEC conference in Philly looked like it was so lit! Sad I missed it. I can’t wait for next year, when I can go on my residency program’s dime lol.

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