Wrapping up EM & thoughts on interview season so far


Here are some highlights of my past week with family and my quick trip to Austin, TX for the AAMC national conference. I was also able to get another interview under my belt this week which I really enjoyed. As much fun as I’ve had, the reality of the situation is that 3 weeks of my Emergency Medicine rotation have FLOWN by and my shelf exam is on Friday. Before today, I would say I’ve studied a total of [maybe] 12 hours, mostly between patients while I’m working, which hasn’t been very productive. Today was my first full study day, which so far hasn’t been as painful as I thought it would be (I also took a 2 hour break for brunch so there’s that). In terms of resources, all I have the energy for is PreTest. My plan is to just plow through those questions and take the NBME practice test and just let the rest go. It has been so hard to find motivation when all my transcripts have been submitted and honestly no one else is really checking for the rest of my grades.

The good thing about this exam is that there isn’t much specialty knowledge required. It’s the same general medicine that I still have in mind from STEP2, with a little more emphasis on imaging and when to place consults etc.  Basically I’m not really learning anything new here, which is nice. I have 2 more shifts to work this week then the rest of the week to focus on this exam. Wish me luck! Next week I’m going to Houston for an interview and I’ll also get to see my sister and niece again. So I have something to look forward to. I actually have 3 interviews next week. My next rotation block is my designated interview month, so I’ve squeezed the majority of them in these coming weeks.

Interview season so far has been great. The problem I’m having is discerning the real flaws of the programs. Everybody has their best smiles on on interview day and they highlight how great their program is, so I leave on this sort of “high.” It’s hard for me to even say what my number 1 choice is just from the small amount of places I’ve been. I tend to overthink things though and apparently I’m just supposed to go with my “gut feeling” whatever that means lol. After each interview, I write out my first impressions, make a pro/con list, and make a voice note of how I felt about everything. Lastly, I go on the NRMP Match Prism app and use their ratings system (which I really like!) to rate the programs on the various categories they have. So, hopefully in February I will be submitting my rank list confidently! If you have any tips on reading programs during the interview season, let me know!

For now, my focus is on my Shelf exam this Friday and it’s about time for me to get back to studying. Hope you have a wonderful week!
If you are in the U.S., remember to VOTE this week if you haven’t!

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