Update: I’m stressed

This post will be super short because 1. I need to study; my family med shelf exam is this Thursday 2. I’m tired 3. I honestly forgot that I was supposed to post something today (I’m doing so well with my consistency, trying to keep the momentum.). I have absolutely loved my patient experiences on my family medicine rotation. But the academic side–studying for this Shelf Exam–BLOWS. This field is too broad for me to know everything these people want to ask me! Not going to lie, things are looking pretty bleak.. and I’m usually a very positive person! I just feel so unprepared and it’s a sucky feeling because it’s not like I even have time to prepare more since I still have to go to work! *sigh* I’m venting but I’m just soooo over this. I’ve even been having eye twitches (which I learned were called blepharospasms) for the past few days because of all my stress and fatigue.

BUT I’m going to NOLA with some girlfriends next weekend for a much needed girls trip, so that’s pretty much all that’s pulling me through right now. It’s always good to plan something for yourself after a stretch of time that you know is going to be stressful. Even like a massage or a pedicure, or a whole trip like I’m doing. Just something to look forward to so there’s light to pull you out of the dark tunnel. So I’m very excited for that!

Well, back to studying I go! Hopefully I can lift my spirits up in the next couple of days so I can feel more like myself again. I’m not really used to feeling like this. Wish me luck! I hope everyone has a blessed week!

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3 thoughts on “Update: I’m stressed

  1. You’ll make it! We can all relate to the stress. Just keep in mind that it’s for a reason. I hope you did good on your self! Much love.

    Great post! Thanks for the tips, I loved number 7.
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